3 Ways You Repel Money Without Realizing It

March 16, 2018

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Because you have expressed an interest in my signature program: THE ABUNDANT HEALER: 90 DAYS TO SCALE YOUR PRACTICE ONLINE, I can assume you have a desire to earn more money in your profession, to call in the abundances that are your birthright and will give you the FREEDOM to pursue your passions and soul purpose for being here.


Yeah...I feel you.


But I find most people don’t realize that they are not only repelling money (without even realizing it), but actively PUSHING it away!


I was guilty of this myself, before I revolutionized my mindset, scaled my practice online, and started bringing in up to 10k per month.


Certainly, no one MEANS to push money away, and yet we do it automatically, with VERY little consciousness around it.


And we do this in three ways:


  1. We think we have to work hard for money.

  2. We think money is a measure of deservedness (and hard work makes you deserving).

  3. We focus on what we don’t have.




Does life sometimes seem to be unfair?


You have wanted more success and you have applied yourself well, doing everything that everyone said you should do, but the success you have been seeking seems to be slow in coming.


Perhaps early in your career, Or in life, you found satisfaction in meeting the expectations of others who laid out the ground rules for success."Be on time; do your best; work hard, play hard; strive for greatness; never give up."


And yet, somehow, these things don't seem to work for you. Oh, from time to time they do, but it always ends up feeling like an uphill climb. The more money you have, the more problems you have. The harder it is to stay on top of things.The harder it is to keep all the balls in the air.


To make matters worse, you might find someone working not nearly as hard as you, having twice as much success. How is it that they are achieving so much for so little? What do they know that you don’t?


When you have worked really hard for something and not achieve the results you wanted, It is very easy to become defensive. Envious. Condemning of someone else's success. Because it is painful to watch them living the life you want, which continues to elude you.


But, when you condemn the financial success that you crave, you close yourself off from it vibrationally.


Any time you cringe and withdraw because you think someone is being too “salesy," or you think someone who has money is somehow less morally righteous,  you put more distance between yourself and whatever abundances you desire.


I want you to take this to heart: the more joyful and easeful and receptive you are towards money, and your right to it, the more it will come to you.


It’s time you embraced your inner diva and got a little entitled!


This is, in part, about owning your worth, but it is also realizing that you're worth is not tied up in how HARD you work, or in the things that you DO, or how many hours of suffering you’ve logged in.


Money responds to inspired action, because inspired action originates with joy. With pleasure. Inspired action doesn’t feel like work, it feels like play. And when you feel joy, and pleasure, and play, you get ideas. Creative ones.


And THAT is your soul talking, telling you the ways in which you could make money EASEFULLY, if only you’d step outside of judgement and take off your guilty hat.


Which leads me to my second point about money.




We have a lot of stories about money. Sometimes we have a sense of righteousness and deservedness tied up in how we may have suffered for money, in the past. How are our parents and our parents parents may have suffered for money. Or even suffered at the hands of people who had money.


There's something I want to clarify here: money is not a reflection of deservedness.


Even the notion of deservedness is born of judgment, and that idea keeps you small in any and every context. Whether it is to think someone is very deserving, or to think someone is not-so deserving.


Money does not make those judgments, it is not so discerning; it simply responds two the way you feel about it.


Money is like a wronged lover. And you have wronged it.


Money just wants to take you out on a date. Money just wants to rub up against you. Money just wants to buy you all kinds of amazing stuff because money just loves you so much. Money keeps texting you, but you won’t text back. Because you’re a lover that's afraid of intimacy.


You can’t let yourself get too close to money, because money’s to good for you. “No money... stop calling me, money. You’re too good for me, money, don’t you see? I don't deserve you, money. It’s not you, it’s me, money.”


You think I'm joking. But I'm serious.


This is what your unconscious says every time you tell yourself that your integrity is compromised when you raise your rates. Or you are consumed by guilt when you don’t agree to a sliding scale fee, or refuse a trade for services. Or when you tell yourself, “No one would buy my online course.” Or you tell yourself you can’t do something or learn something new because its “too overwhelming” or it's “too late.”


This has nothing to do with integrity. It has nothing to do with deservedness. Next time you see someone reveling in how filthy rich they are...BLESS THEM FOR IT. Because maybe then, you’ll catch money’s attention too.


Ummm hmm. That’s right. You just held 30 seconds of eye contact across the room, and now money just smiled back. Oh, yes, it did! And its buying you a drink and walking over to introduce itself.


Now,  if you just felt a resistance to blessing someone else’s success, you REALLY, need to dig that shit up and get rid of it. ASAP!




The third point I want to make is that often times we are desiring money from a place of lack. Maybe we are  in debt, or we want things that are too expensive, or we have bills to pay, and so we pay attention to what we do not have, and we fear more NOT having.


We dream of money to provide a feeling of relief, but the connection that we are making with money is that we suffer for it. We suffer for the lack of it. And according to the Universal Law of Attraction, (which, incidentally, happens to be similar to one of the three laws of quantum physics; that we create our own realities), whatever vibration you hold--or emotional frequency, if you prefer-- while focusing on a thing, the more of that frequency you will attract to yourself.


So, if you raise the subject of money and it makes you feel tense or stressed or worrisome, you will attract more money situations that make you feel tense or stressed or worrisome.


If you talk about money with a feeling of elation and expectancy and pleasure and respect, then you will attract money situations that reflect these feelings as well.


It might seem a cruelty, but truly, this is a blessing. Because it means that you do not need to rely on rules rules of the outside world to ultimately provide you what you want. It means you can surrender the “hows,” and simply open to receive what inspiration you need, to show you the next step in building the material apparatuses for calling in whatever form of abundance your energy attracts (in this case, money).


Many times, we rely on proven methods, expert advice, and formulaic solutions for how money should come into our lives. But this goes back to the idea that money is given in exchange for doing things. It’s not just for doing things…(let alone the “right” things).


Money arrives in exchange for inspired action.


(At least, the kind of boy-band money I want to make!)


And the more you can put yourself into a feeling state of being wealthy, and loving that state, and not feeling guilty about it, you actually open yourself up to “receiving mode.” And once you do that, the next steps to building the channels that will funnel even more money in, become clear.


Think of when you go on a road trip. You are driving and your friend in the seat next to you, is the navigator. As the driver, is it helpful for the navigator to give you all the directions at once? Right when you begin driving? Or would you rather receive each step along the way as it becomes relevant to you? What do you think would confuse you less? Which one would get you there more easily?




The best way to start shifting your mindset around these three money myths is to start changing your story around money.  


And also straighten out some distorted ideas about humility.


Here’s a story to illustrate my point, and it was originally told by an amazing online female entrepreneur and millionaire, Amanda Frances.


Four women are sitting at a table, over lunch. They have just met at a conference for business development and are cheerily introducing themselves to each other.


One woman describes herself as an entrepreneur and expresses joy at her first six-figure year. Another shares that she has just launched her first online course and its going well.


The third says, “I’m in retail.” But offers no more than that, before getting up to grab more food from the buffet.


After she leaves, her friend shares with the other two women, “She’s actually a CEO of a 3.2 billion dollar retail company.”


The women are not awed by her modesty, oh no. They feel robbed.


Why would she do that? Why would she not share with these two younger women, sitting across from her, the success that could be possible for them? Why would she not want to inspire them as women? As budding entrepreneurs?


You do those who can only be uniquely inspired by YOU a disservice, when you keep yourself small. The world does not need more modest successes. It needs to know what is possible...inevitable...AND achievable!


What I have managed to achieve in my online business...bringing in up to 10k per month...may not be normal for most therapists, coaches and healers...but it COULD be.


I was just a single mom, with a broken heart, no job, and nothing left to lose that decided to only be available for a next-level life.


It didn’t happen overnight. It happened step-by-step, moment-to-moment, with small risks opening up to bigger risks, the larger the leaps I was willing to take, as they came to me.


And I have developed my program, THE ABUNDANT HEALER: 90 DAYS TO SCALE YOUR PRACTICE ONLINE, because I desire to elevate and inspire the AMAZING members of my community.


In my experience, that starts with mindset, and ends with fiscal FREEDOM.


To get you started, here is a money story that I would encourage you to record for yourself, and listen to before bed every night (cuz that’s what I do!). It’s inspired by Amanda Frances and Abraham Hicks.


I like the idea that money is available. As available as the air I breathe. I like the idea of breathing money in and breathing money out.


It is fun to imagine a lot of money flowing to me.I can see how my feelings about money affect how money comes to me.


I am happy to understand that with practice I can control my attitude about money. That the reason money would come to me is because of the massive amounts of joy and gratitude I feel when I think about money. I am ready to receive money, and have more than enough space for it.


I noticed that the more I tell a story of abundance the better I feel. I like knowing that I am the creator of my own reality and that money flows into my experience in a way that is directly related to my focus.


I feel confident that in time, I will align my thoughts with abundance and money will flow powerfully towards me and my experience.


I understand the people around me hold many different perspectives about money and that it is not necessary for me to understand or agree with their opinions. I am relieved to know that I do not have to sort that out. It is very nice to know that my only work is to align my thoughts about money with my desire, and that whenever I am feeling good, I have found that alignment.


I feel supported by money. I feel appreciated by money. I feel like money is on my side.


I feel good about having money and am excited to receive it. I do not believe there is anything bad, wrong, greedy, or selfish around me having lots of it.


There is no conflict or duplicity or uncertainty in my energy around money. I am sure. I am clear. I am clean.


There are so many ways in which to expand my life in meaningful ways, the more money I have. To support the people and causes that I love. To travel. To learn. To teach. To create!


Money can’t run out. There is always money circulating in the world and all I must do is be an energetic match for it. It’s like angels singing.


When I think of money flowing to me, I see myself wading knee deep in it. Wads of cash spill out of my closets and onto the floor. My faucets run liquid gold and sometimes I fill up the bathtub and splash around in it. I laugh at the ease of it. The pleasure of it.


I also see myself sending it out again to fatten my investments, reward my employees, and advertise myself to my soul clients. And as the money I give is received, it becomes multiplied and returned to me tenfold. Only now, those that I serve are receiving and giving in the same way, and so abundance flows plentifully throughout my beloved community. Scarcity attitudes fall away from those that are intended to live well, so they can serve well, simply by living authentically and creatively.


If you are a therapist, coach and/or healer and you are interested in attracting more clients, increasing your cash flow, and expanding your influence online, check out these 7 questions to help you to determine which of the 4 phases of The Abundant Journey you may be in, and your next steps.


Take the quiz: http://bit.ly/TheAbundantJourney


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Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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