4 Tips to Tailor a Profitable Course

April 2, 2018

Dearest Subscriber, 


As a therapist, coach and/or healer, what if there were…


NO MORE chasing after clients

NO MORE dependency on insurance companies

NO MORE working more for less

NO MORE being undervalued for what you do

NO MORE burnout and loose boundaries

NO MORE undercharging for your services

NO MORE putting your creativity on the back burner




INSTEAD choosing to work with your soul clients

INSTEAD working less, for more

INSTEAD feeling peaceful, capable and confident in your capacities and your boundaries

INSTEAD charging what you’re worth

INSTEAD making creativity a priority


What if I told you there IS a way to make boy-band money doing what you love--ONLINE--while establishing an authentic marketing strategy, connecting with a steady stream of clients, and expanding your skill sets as a clinician, all WITHOUT compromising your principles, being too “salesy,” or struggling with tech overwhelm?


Sound too good to be true?


Believe me, it's possible.


I know, because as a creative arts therapist and Reiki practitioner with over 12 years of clinical experience, I struggled with all of the same self-defeating, energy-sucking things most therapists do…until I cracked the code and started making up to 10k per month in online revenue, doing what I LOVE.


More  specifically, that is creating, launching and scaling online courses, whether it is through live group coaching programs or automated sales funnels and passive income.


Creating an online course and/or curriculum is an AMAZING way to hone in on your talents, and start scaling your practice FAST, all while honoring your soul purpose.


Most therapists, coaches and/or healers that come to me, are usually intrigued by the idea, and already know…If they want to make their dreams come true, they have to see and reach beyond the constraints of a 1:1 business model.


What they might struggle with, however, is narrowing down what niche and or specific topic they want to create a course around.


This is not usually because of a loss of ideas, but because of an overwhelm of ideas, and not really understanding how their talents and skills could be translated, packaged and delivered online.


These are precisely the topics we cover in Module 2, of my signature program, THE ABUNDANT HEALER: 90 DAYS TO SCALE YOUR PRACTICE ONLINE.


I call this module the “Landing phase” of your journey.


And it involves helping you develop high-quality content that fosters a clear and transformational path for your clients.


Specifically, the module takes you through 3 steps…


1.Content Creation: We take you from overwhelmed, to clear, concise and sequential with content that creates an authentic connection with your audience, in the form of a six-week signature course.


2. Marketing Magic: We take you from having no direction or overspending, to one clear strategy with appropriate return on investment.


3. Facebook Ads: We turn cold audiences to warm audiences, reaching out to people across the globe, using the best of what facebook ads have to offer, including exposure to 1.5 billion daily users, world wide.


Today, I would like to walk you through an exercise that you can implement TODAY, to start honing in on your talents and brainstorming  what kind of PROFITABLE course you would like to create.


And it involves 4 Tips…

  • Evaluate your EXPERIENCE and VERIFY with your community

  • Determine your PASSION for the subject

  • Take stock of your RESOURCES


1. Evaluate Your Experience And Verify With Your Community

The first tip is to evaluate your own experience in the industry and community you would like to serve. What are your qualifications or accreditations in this niche? What projects have you done in the past that could be reimagined or revamped? Do you have any case studies or testimonials to prove your experience in this subject matter? Have you ever published content (blog, podcast, Youtube videos) or delivered it for a live audience (webinar, Facebook Live, workshops)? If so, that is GOLD. And a foundation on which to build. Say with with me, “All hail REPURPOSING!”


Once you have a few juicy ideas nailed down, you want to make sure you VERIFY your ideas with your community. This is why it is SO CRUCIAL to start building an audience and community on Facebook ASAP.


HINT: Your fan/business page is NOT going to cut it, here. If you haven’t already, I recommend opening a private Facebook group to start building a warm audience for yourself. Think of them like beta testers for ideas you would like to tweak and flesh out. Post polls, surveys, or a freebie giveaway, if they respond in the comments below your post. Whatever you do, I highly recommend verifying your ideas before pouring time, energy, and effort into them.


2. Determine Your Passion For The Subject

After you have narrowed your ideas down to 2-3 topics, you want to consider, “How much does this idea excite me?” Additionally, how passionate are you about the actual people you’re serving in your niche? It’s a fair question. A lot of us serve all kinds of people and populations because we have a general sense of wanting to help everyone out, or because we are afraid of narrowing our focus because we think that will mean we won’t make as much money and lose out on opportunities to get more clients.


I challenge you to to shift that way of thinking. Instead, I want you to think about who you WANT to work with. Who your ideal client would be, what I call a “soul client.” And this is not “women ages 25-50 struggling with depression and anxiety.” That is close but its still too vague. A millenial struggling with adulting is going to have a very different experience of depression and anxiety than a fifty year old woman struggling with empty nest syndrome.


If I were to tell you, “Tomorrow, I am going to fill your practice up with the type of clients you have always wanted to work with, and they are going to help you explore and figure out aspects of yourself that you may be struggling with, simply by serving them…” Who would you ask for to show up at  your door?


Whichever ideas best serve that population, are the ones to explore.


3. Take Stock Of Your Resources

Another aspect of developing your course, is thinking about how quickly can you turn this idea into a profitable business; 1 Week? 3 Months? 1 Year?


What sort of infrastructure do you have to develop online? What type of sales funnels and marketing strategies would work best in your niche and in the market? What are the costs involved? If you don’t know these things, I highly recommend finding a friend, mentor or business coach that can guide you in exploring these questions...such as MOI!


You also want to consider if you need any further training or accreditations to be able to launch your particular course? If so, I would recommend you stick to something for which you DON’T need additional training. And to remember the power of REPURPOSING.


4. Determine Profitability

Now, this is where honing in on your passion and your talents meets the world of marketing. And I highly recommend you do some market research in whatever niche you are interested in serving. What price could you realistically charge in this industry? How affordable is your program / service for your ideal/soul client? What would make for a decent return on your investment? Is there a demand?


A few tips on doing market research:

  • You can start by doing a Google search on your population, and simply follow the rabbit hole.

  • You might also look up other Facebook groups and business pages related to your niche.

  • Explore blogs, articles, YouTube videos that are gaining a lot of traction online, in the area that you want to focus on.

  • Purchase a course similar to the one you would like to create, and see how they do it.

  • Opt-in for every click bait feebie you can find and then save their emails and marketing copy to use as references later.

The better you know your niche--not only the clients you might serve, but also the approaches of those that are ALREADY serving them (successfully)-- the better your program will be, and the higher your profit margin.



On a scale from 1 (NOT confident) to 10 ( confident) apply a number for experience, passion, resources and profitability. Do this for each idea, then double the value for profitability.

(Watch the video for a demo.)




Calculate both ideas and you will discover which is the strongest business option for you!


If you are a therapist, coach and/or healer and you are interested in attracting more clients, increasing your cash flow, and expanding your influence online, check out these 7 questions to help you to determine which of the 4 phases of The Abundant Journey you may be in, and your next steps.


Take the quiz: http://bit.ly/TheAbundantJourney


Warmest regards,








Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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