The BS Myth of Balance that Keeps You Stuck in Survival Mode

May 1, 2018

My dearest passionate and deeply talented, therapist, coach and/or healer…


I am going to suggest something rather controversial about balance.


This notion of “balance” is based on the idea that contentment is achievable, but that is an impossible goal.


You are NOT here to be content.


You are here to witness and experience the contrast and exhilaration of your ever expanding desire.


The only reason you would need a respite from “work” is if your are focusing your energy on anything other than what you love; or refusing to allow that thing you love, to change.


And so--this is the controversial part-- you only need “balance” when you are being inauthentic. (And in this video, I explain a lot more about what I mean.)


For example, it might seem like making upto $10k per month, scaling your practice online would be...difficult.

But it’s actually the path of least resistance... at least, it was for me.


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Waking up everyday to face a job or career that wasn’t working for me and keeping me just above water...THAT was difficult.


You know what else is difficult?

  • Being underpaid and overworked in a job that doesn't value your skills

  • Inconsistent clients who don't show up or can't pay your full rate

  • Trading time for money with no real payoff, and never ending debt

  • Losing touch with your creativity, and feeling burnt out

  • Worrying about being too “salesy," or immoral for charging what your time, energy and effort is worth

  • Marketing and tech overwhelm, when it comes to building your online platform

  • Broken referral systems that don't produce any referrals!

My intention is to always let it be fun. To always let it open me up wider and wider, every time the Universe corrects my direction (what you might think of as “failing”).

Dividing your life up into different categories that you have to “balance,” is going to backfire on you.


Work bleeds into play, play bleeds into relationships, relationships build the foundation of everything else, and it all exists in the same bucket.


When you are vibing, and it feels good, follow it.


Flow with it.


Blocking that flow because you should be doing “a little bit each day” or “you’ll burn out”  is BS.


In the same way that spending a day doing nothing because that’s what’s vibing at the moment, isn’t “slacking on your goals.”

Here’s the thing…you will never be satisfied.


That might sound like a weird thing for me to say, considering I am trying to sell you a course to improve your life satisfaction.


But I want to be’s not contentment I am trying to sell you on; it’s the direction you’re taking.


It’s the understanding that your desire is EVER EXPANDING, and the moment you DECIDE and COMMIT to FLOWING with that expansion, is the moment you accept SATISFACTION with anything other than being in process and GOING WITH THE FLOW, is a myth.

It actually slows you down.

I am all about creating a practice to support your spiritual expansion... not render your expanding desire inert with false promises of happily ever after.

I currently run a very profitable and DYNAMIC  practice.


I teach, I write, I speak publicly, and I conduct workshops.


I also conduct individual sessions in person, and online with clients all over the world, including Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The United Kingdom, Spain, and name a few.


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I LOVE what I do.


Why would I want to chop it up?

My job isn't to do a certain amount of work, and then clock out at the end of the day... my job is to remain in “receiving mode” and keep myself aligned with the moment; to be in flow and in process.


Sometimes that looks like overwork. Sometimes that looks like not working at all.

I play all of the time. I have fun all of the time. I work all of the time.

I am creating a LIFE and career based exclusively on what I love.

It is simpler, not more complicated, to do good work when you fill your life up with things you love.

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In love and abundance, 









Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner

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