When to Share Your Big Idea (And When Not To)

May 4, 2018

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Here's a good one...


"I have a question... What are your thoughts on sharing your ‘Big Idea’ while its in progress?"


I have SO MUCH to say about this. But it really boils down to two things:


1. Read the room

2. A little compartmentalization and discernment, is your friend


So let’s explore this further!




Typically, you have a sense of who is going to support your ideas and who is going to argue with them. This doesn’t mean that those skeptics can’t be warmed up and persuaded to see things your way, later, but usually in the beginning stages, it’s a hill that’s too high for them to climb.


If you’ve decided to take the leap, you’re probably still a little raw, fresh, and vulnerable. You may be seeking validation from those individuals who gave you the very limiting believes that you are also trying to shake off.


You think to yourself, “if I can convince them this is the way to go, it really must be the way to go!”


But that is a mechanism that keeps you small.


You have already decided for yourself that this is the way to go. And you have to put your faith and trust in that. You have to guard that...you have to become a loyal knight and protector of the wisdom that is your knowing and being.


As you step into a new way of being, and attempt to adopt a new perspective on the world, bringing with it all of your dreams for your practice and your message, you must imagine it is like a defenseless child. Powerful, filled with the wisdom of the universe— because it has not yet been taught to think of itself as anything else—but it still needs a parent to love and protect and guide it.


Like a child, your ideas, your practice and your abundances will grow, get stronger, and ultimately be able to defend itself. But, for now, you must be discerning in who you expose to it.


This is a paradox that we address in our program. Increasing your visibility while also being discerning about your exposure. Your exposures should have a goal, and serve you and your soul clients, in some fashion.


Here’s an interesting thing: sometimes the people closest to you are the least interested in your growing visibility, and what it means for you.


For example, I spent five years trying to get five unpublished manuscript published. My family was aware of it, but not one of them ever asked to read any of my writing.


Finally, the book I co-authored and edited on grief, was published. I figured someone might want to read it now, right? Not one family member has picked it up.


Oh, sure. They would ask me how it was going, but the underlying sentiment was, “I know you already, why would I need to read your book?”


Another story: The more I started making videos on YouTube, a sister of mine accuse me of being an exhibitionist and another criticized my voice and delivery. Regardless of what it might seem like now, at the time, I was very shy about putting myself out there on the Internet. And my early videos are not as clear or as easeful as my more recent ones. At the time, I was looking for positive encouragement and I did not find it. The Narrative I felt my sisters had assigned to it was that I was desperate for attention, and this was something they were either ashamed of and/or rejecting in themselves, of course.


You better believe I stopped going to them for feedback!


Just recently, both sisters complimented me on my videos. And on my resourcefulness at being able to create the sizeable audience that I have.  At a party, a friend told me that a sister had been bragging about my success.


That made me feel really good. But I had learned the lesson that my actions do not dependent upon anyone else’s opinion but my own. And if I feel like I’m going to be vulnerable to that opinion, I’m not going to ask it.




To really pull this off, you have to realize that discernment and a bit of compartmentalization is your friend. I believe that you cannot necessarily carve up your life, because your energy is all in one bucket, however there is a measure of discernment necessary to being able to get past your own blocks, at least at first.


I’ve use this analogy before, it’s a bit intense but it works for me. . for people that get caught up in the automatic know that runs through your mind, or punishing perfectionism, you have to find a way to titrate the energy that is stagnant and caught in your head. In our program, I have you go through cleansing of the chakras, starting with the head and moving into the body. This is in the third week of our program and many of the students find this to be one of the most helpful modules.


The process of manifestation is one of accessing the current of consciousness and marrying it to the liberating current of the body. Consciousness that is disconnected from the body falls into the trap of analysis, rational thinking, fantasy and a need for external conditions to be just so before you act. This is primarily because for whatever reason at some point the body became a danger zone.


Part of the work is realizing the power of the body and its role as the organizer of your vibration; The body translates the visualization of your abundance, into the vibration that will call it in to concrete reality, through your feeling states.


If your feelings are subject to your thoughts, you have to throw a wrench in that wheel. However you can.


For me, I have used kind of an extreme visualization because I have been quite a perfectionist. Basically, I just imagine cutting off my head and putting it in a bag that I keep slung over my shoulder. I see my body moving forward doing what it needs to do, operating under the philosophy of “imperfect action is better than no action”, and getting results. Once the results appear well enough, I put my head back on and my body basically says to my head,  “I told you so.”


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See you on the inside!






Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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