4 Woes of the Therapist, Coach and Healer

March 7, 2018

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Hello, My name is Briana MacWilliam and I am a creative arts Therapist, reiki practitioner, author, educator and online entrepreneur.


Its my soul purpose to teach other therapists, coaches and healers how to scale their businesses beyond the 1:1 business model, online.


My signature program: THE ABUNDANT HEALER: 90 TO SCALE YOUR PRACTICE ONLINE teaches you how to create, launch, and scale online group coaching courses and/or passive income funnels, even if you have never made a dollar online, created a single lesson, or have no marketing list-in record time.


I also happen to moderate a private Facebook group for therapists and healers who are ready to regain their ability to navigate life in a NEW way - by prioritizing CREATIVITY and your SOUL PURPOSE. Here, we allow these life essentials to be your compass in business, and in all things.


Most of what I am seeing in the responses of new members coming in to the group revolves around...


  • Not making enough money

  • Struggling to find consistent, high paying clients

  • Struggling with an overload of clients who pay with insurance, or low sliding scale fees

  • Not knowing how to market yourself and attract SOUL CLIENTS, which are clients that are MEANT to find you, so you may ascend together through the work you do together


Everyone's situation is different, but often times, as therapists and healers, we tend to experience some of the same frustrations.


Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You've had some success in starting a small private practice, but the referrals are few and far between, and high paying clients are even more scarce.

  • "I'd love to work with you, but can you do a sliding scale?"

  • "This is amazing; would you accept a trade for your services?”

  • You love the autonomy but it has its price; you feel isolated and out of the loop, wanting to be a part of a community but not sure where you fit in.

  • You thirst for a mentor that appears grounded, has had financial success, and is still authentic, approachable, and respects your boundaries

  • You've done a ton of training but something is still missing; you feel like you have plateaued in your practice and/or in your skill sets.

  • Or maybe you work for an agency that undervalues your skills, and everyday feels like an uphill climb, battling bureaucracy while trying to financially support your soul purpose

  • You have to justify the important service you offer as “real work”

  • You’re afraid to tell people what you do, because they might box it into “woo-woo”

  • And the bills keep piling up.


You don’t have to tell me...it's rough out there!


In my experience as a creative arts therapist and healer, there are four common woes that lower our energy and enthusiasm as practitioners. For the purposes of this exploration, I’ve assigned each of them a character type.


1. The Magician. How many times have you gone to work, and instead of feeling like an effective therapist, you feel like an entertainer, worried about what trick you'll have to have to pull out of your hat for the next group? And sometimes it’s even a surprise to yourself what you manage to come up with! Other times, particularly for coaches and healers, clients come to you for immediate, “fix-it-now” solutions and expect you to magically solve all their problems in one 45-minute session. The craving quality of their energy leaves you feeling drained and inadequate, maybe even bordering on burned out.


2. The Paper-Pusher. Do you ever feel like what was supposed to be a job to help people heal has turned you into a sleep-deprived paper-pusher? You always have one eye on the clock and the other on a check box. What precious time you have to spend with clients gets buried under audits, progress notes, treatment plans, supply orders, invoices, receipts, sign in sheets, insurance claims, and so on. Or if you are in private practice, you may struggle to promote yourself effectively, and feel overwhelmed by bills, audits, progress notes, receipts, supply costs, newsletters, technology and more. It’s nearly impossible to do the work you were meant to do with so many seemingly unimportant administrative concerns getting in the way!


3. The Squeaky Wheel. Maybe the client interactions your job are great, but the bureaucracy of the agencies or institutions you might work for overshadow any joy you might derive from them. Or maybe it’s impossible to find a decent, affordable work space that accommodates all your necessary accoutrements and bobbles. Your superiors (or their superiors) don't respect boundaries, and don't understand the value of what you do. Every little request feels like an uphill battle and a challenge to justify your contribution to the whole. And so you either become a squeaky wheel, or have your space commandeered as a storage closet, or your time slot is usurped by some opportunistic upstart.


4. The Lone Wolf. Or, perhaps, in private practice, you feel isolated and stuck on how to stay relevant and/or take your expertise to the next level. Like a wolf, you derive pleasure and purpose from feeling part of a pack, but the unique nature of what you do and how you think, leaves you feeling like the odd one out in the communities you belong to.


If any of these sound familiar, I promise you, you are not alone!


To my mind, each of these characters are constrained by one common flaw, whether you are working on your own or for an institution or agency: They all rely on a 1:1 business model.


And 1:1 business model is characterized by one thing: serving only one client at a time.


Or maybe its a handful of people in a small group, or a bunch of people in a larger space, but still, your reach will always be constrained by three things...

  1. Space

  2. Time

  3. Money

Fact #1: Space is great. If you can find a wonderful space, more power to you. But space these days, is not necessary, in fact, it’s actually a hinderance...when compared to the extent of your reach online.  If you are willing to consider working remotely, this opens up tremendous possibilities for you (especially if money is an obstacle to obtaining space).


Fact #2: Time is a more precious commodity than money. I’ll say that again, YOUR TIME IS MORE VALUABLE THAN YOUR MONEY. And amazingly, with the ability to translate your skills online, you can make MORE money, for LESS time. Plus,  if you take space out of the equation, you can get even more time by cutting out the commute, and saving dollars on rent.


Fact #3: To make money, you have to spend money. But too often we spend our money while feeling terrible about it, riddled with fear. We worry that it was ill spent, or we won’t make the money back on our investments. Additionally, a lot of therapists and healers have scarcity attitudes, and so they just don’t know how much money they need to invest back in their businesses to make an impact.  And they are SUPER gun shy in the realms of social media and paid advertising.


But guess what?


If you want a steady stream of what I call, “soul clients” you’ll have to shift your money mindset.


If you are a therapist, coach and/or healer and you are interested in attracting more clients, increasing your cash flow, and expanding your influence online, check out these 7 questions to help you to determine which of the 4 phases of The Abundant Journey you may be in, and your next steps.


Take the quiz: http://bit.ly/TheAbundantJourney


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Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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