3 Tips to Tackle Fear and Doubt in Your Practice

May 5, 2018


My Dearest High-Flying Abundance Magnet,


Today, I want to address one more question that pops up constantly in our group:

“How do I keep moving forward when doubt and fear creeps in?!”

I have 3 tips for tackling fear and doubt in your practice, but first, let’s explore the role of fear and doubt...


First of all, you need to experience doubt, fear, anxiety and disbelief, in order to know what it is to be brave. In order to LISTEN to the whisper of your soul’s purpose.


Those things keep you in touch with your vulnerability, and ultimately it is your willingness to be vulnerable, that truly keeps you open to “receiving mode,” and able to understand and interpret the contrasting experiences you may have in your life.


If you were to cut yourself off from the contrast--what you might call, ”conflict” --whether it is experienced internally or externally, you miss out on all the guidance the universe may be offering you.

A lot of people may say allowing yourself to feel negative emotions lowers your vibe, and so you won’t be able to manifest what you want.


But the feeling itself is actually important information that your spirit is trying to communicate to you. It is the repression of that emotion, not the emotion itself, which lowers your “vibe.”

You are a human being. Human beings feel things.

It is safe to feel, experience and process your feelings...

And when you do,  this then leads to a new energetic state...


A state that was pressing for attention through the form of  whatever disappointments or uncomfortable feelings you may have been having.

It is when we judge our feelings as “bad” and send it to the basement of repression that we start to have problems, and our transcendental self starts calling in even MORE tough circumstances, so that you will feel these feelings over and over again, until you are willing to LOOK at them, and receive their wisdom; that messenger is just going to keep knocking until you open the door and accept the package.


Now, here, I would add there is  feeling your feelings with an intention towards receiving and allowing your state and your circumstances to shift, and then there is feeling your feelings with an intention to wallow in them and sink into a victimized state.  


The difference is the level of consciousness you are willing to engage and embrace.


I feel my feelings with the intention to let them move through me.

And when I am experiencing doubt in my business, it sounds like this…


“Holy crap, I have hired four people! So, now,  if I fail, I fail four times as hard and have to crush it every month, to make sure I have at LEAST enough to pay everyone’s paychecks…


“My Facebook ads are doing as well as they used to...I am just not cut out for this...maybe I should just go back to the 9-5…”


“How am I going to uplevel my game? People are just going to bore of what I have and that’s totally going to leave me high and dry…”

Luckily, I know better than to believe every single thing that my mind thinks.

Here are three tips to tackling fear and doubt...

1. What you resist, persists.


I turn my attention TOWARDS the fear and doubt, and let myself feel it. Sometimes the basic acknowledgement let’s them fade altogether; but avoiding or repressing them only builds momentum on the topic, because that requires energy. I find it is particularly useful to write it out. Dance it out. Draw it out. Drum it out. Something physically activating that allows your body and your spiritual guidance system to express itself concretely, also makes this part of yourself feel like it has been deeply acknowledged.

2. Follow the path, downstream.


As I write, dance, draw, or drum...I notice what comes up. I only witness while in process, and don’t try to interpret, because sometimes that can block the flow. But after I feel the impulse has calmed, I will regard the content, thoughts, feelings, memories, bodily sensations I may be having, and free associate on what they remind me of. What the triggers for my fear and doubt might be. And/or, what is the fear directing me to pay more attention to. Typically, its about feeding or taking care of myself in some way that I have been neglecting.

So, I might have a fear that ultimately, my practice and my online endeavours will fail, that it's completely impossible to get clients, and that I am destined to be alone and destitute.


If I were to act on this fear, and abandon my pursuits, what would I GAIN?


A (false) sense of security. Maybe more time to do non-work related things. More time to date. More time with my son. More time to eat right and exercise. More time to make art work…


So, the fear is actually showing me that in order to be successful in my practice, I cannot abandon these other things. Because these other things are my WHY. They are the REASON I started all of this in the first place! The business itself is the WHAT.


So, I typically start to feel afraid when I have gotten lost focusing on the WHAT, instead of the WHY.


And, you might have noticed, all of these things I can certainly do NOW, without succumbing to my fear and abandoning my business.

3. Create a new reality, by returning to the WHY.

This is the fun part. You start to create a new and less fearful reality for yourself, by returning to your WHY. And I suggest you do this in two ways: the first is through shifting of your thoughts. The second is through inspired action.


So, shifting your thoughts might sound something like this…


“Wow. I am so grateful for this doubtful and fearful feeling because it is a good reminder to stay focused on my WHYs, in the NOW, and not to get caught up in the illusion of my conditions. It reminds me that my FEELING states are my biggest attractor of the abundances I seek, and my body is seeking to FEEL better, through self care, honoring my desire for companionship, and spending time with loved ones...all of which I have the power to create space for, in the present moment. There is no need to wait for my conditions to change in order for me to experience my abundances in the now. And I am grateful for this message.”


Now, receiving inspired actions to stimulate the concretization of your intention, in the physical world--i.e. Change your conditions to match your vibration-- you will want to ask yourself how you can accomplish your WHYs, now…


For example, I might take a hot bath. Plan a date. Do an art project with my son. Call my sister and chat for a while. Turn off ALL electronics and watch my favorite campy sci-fi shows. And really let myself sink into those experiences. Once I allow for that, the energy caught up in the fear and doubt spin cycle, will slowly titrate and I won’t feel like the end of the world is nigh.


But the point is not to ELIMINATE the fear and doubt--because, again, the goal to “perpetuate” or “eliminate” is one that puts equal energy into the subject --but rather to allow yourself to move forward EVEN THOUGH you may still have fear and doubt. And that is what teaches you to be brave.

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See you on the inside!


Warmest regards, 






Briana MacWilliam MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT




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