3 Steps to Healing Burnout

July 6, 2018

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In our last video and post we explored a common experience for many therapists, coaches and healers: burnout.

From within the framework of the law of attraction, the way to shift your conditions is to shift your thoughts and felt experiences first.

We accomplish this in three ways:

  1. You search for the next good feeling thought; The next cognitive construct that allows you to see things from a different perspective.

  2. And then you look for evidence of that fact.

  3. Add to that, you shift your priorities to honoring the body’s pleasure and self care.


In other words, you take command of your inner space through BOTH cognitive and creative, body-based approaches.


(Creativity is an important element here, because it reminds you of how to play and that you DO have the power to create the experiences you want in your life.)


So let’s revisit the question:

“I guess the most frustrating thing is coaching the same point over and over. I just want to learn more about healing the healer. How do you not get too burned out when you keep hearing the same stories, and you’re frustrated yourself?”


As discussed in the previous video, we ascertained that the type of clients this person is serving, and the WAY in which this individual is working (or perceiving the work) may be creating feelings of conflict or contrast that stimulate burnout feelings, because it is not in alignment with the desire/capacities/skills/soul purpose of their inner being.


And rather than shift their focus and observation on the parts that ARE in alignment, they are focused on the gap, which only widens it, attracting more burnout situations.


So, let’s start with soul clients.


By identifying there is a particular kind of issue or client you are not interested in working with, you have identified your soul client; someone you DO want to work with; a type of client that might allow you to better utilize your capabilities, because you think they are making better use of them.


It’s important to note here, when you feel frustrated or burned out it is primarily because you feel ineffectual.


You have to realize you don’t actually want to help everyone, you want to help the people who will make the most use of what you have to offer, because that actually makes you feel better about yourself and in alignment with what you were put on earth to do.


Now, somewhere along the line someone beat it into you that as a human service person you have to open your doors to everyone and anyone; to be discerning  would be selfish and an immoral misuse of your skills.


I don’t agree with that. I don’t think it’s unselfish to open your doors to everyone, I think it is hubris and a bit grandiose. Do you really think you are a good fit for everyone?


So I think the place to start changing the way you work, and/or the way you are perceiving the work, Is to begin allowing yourself to be selective.


Because once you do that, not only will you be clearer on what you want to do. And who you are here to serve, but you will also be more recognizable to them.


(Practically speaking, once you figure this part out, it should be the foundation of any and all of your marketing copy.)


Now, let’s say you are not yet ready to start a practice, or create an online course, or dip your toes in independent work. And you are currently working in an institution or an agency and clients are assigned to you, and you have little choice in the matter of who you work with and how you work with them.


The thing to do would be then to look for what is satisfying in the work, instead of what isn’t.  Reframe what you are willing to focus on in your experience, and then find evidence of it.


Then your vibe begins to shift, and the world around you starts changing as well.


1. Search for the next good-feeling thought.


For example…

  • I do have a job even though I don't like it very much.

  • However those that hired me had confidence in my abilities, and there was a recognition and validation in that. Even so, I did have and still have useful and transferable skills. I could probably get another job if I really wanted to.

  • This Job seems like a good fit at the time, and even if I might have wanted a better one, it was all I could really see myself doing and so it allowed me to grow in many ways.

  • Luckily my ideas of what I would like to do have changed. I know now, I could do better, if I wanted to.

  • Overtime, I have gotten better at what I do. So good in fact, my boredom and frustration is only an indication of how much I have grown, and need and desire new stimulation.

  • If I were challenged in new and exciting ways, I know that I would be able to rise to that challenge, with excitement.

  • And because of my experience, I now know there are probably better paying jobs that I am now qualified for, or I might even start my own thing, on the side.

  • Everyone starts from where they are, and I were to take a moon’s eye view of my situation, it's easy to see I'm now starting from way ahead.

  • This process has helped me identify what it is that I really want.

  • What it is that I think would make me happier and more satisfied in my work.

  • Before, when I started, perhaps, I didn't have such a clear idea, but now, not only do I have the idea, but I also have confidence in my ability.

  • With increasing awareness of clarity and desire, I can feel around for which career path and decisions will please me most.

  • And I can release any limiting beliefs about what is possible for me, the world is opening up, everyday.


2. Search for evidence of your new perspective.


So once you start practicing retraining your thoughts like this, you will notice evidence starts to appear among your conditions…


  • Perhaps you hear of a job opening somewhere.

  • Or a supervisor compliments your work.

  • You get a client that you enjoy working with.

  • You find money on the street.

  • Human resources calls you and tells you you have to take three weeks of sick time, or you’ll lose it.

  • At the same time, your good friend invites you to a conference about entrepreneurship.

  • Or maybe, you get fired.


And this is where its really important to have this cognitive restructuring in place, because instead of taking it as the world is against you, realize this is the Universe stepping in and giving you a tremendous amount of time and space to pursue the things you are finally ready to pursue.


3. Prioritize physical pleasure through creativity and self care.


The last thing, is to stimulate the body in pleasurable ways. Many people refer to this as self care, but essentially it is a practice in prioritizing your sensorial experiences. This is of the utmost importance, because since it is your feelings that influence your thoughts and communicate your vibe, we have to attend to how your feelings are organized and communicated… and that is primarily through the body; it is our first organizer of experience.


When you are anxious, your throat tightens up and your stomach is in knots.

When you are happy and joyful, your chest feels both light and full, and you tend have a “spring in your step.” Maybe you find yourself humming or whistling a tune. Your body moves more fluidly and rhythmically, as opposed to being stiff, scrunched up, tight, and folded in on itself.


Now if you can add to body activation to some kind of creative act that stretches your thinking into the realms of the imaginative and abstract...now you are practicing what it is to live outside of your limiting beliefs, and tapping into the source energy you have within you, to create your own world.


In other words, if you can combine activating the body in creative ways with a cognitive reframing and restructuring of your thoughts...you will be in the driver’s seat with creating the life of your dreams.


Let me know your thoughts in the comments...


Have you ever struggled with burnout? How and what changed? Did that feeling ever follow you to a new situation?


I want to know!


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