How to manifest the life of your dreams!

July 17, 2018

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Today, I shared with you a bit of my morning routine, and how I get into my high vibe place for manifesting the life of my dreams!


In this video, I also take a closer look at how many therapists coaches and healers manage to shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to branding:

They try to “fit-in” and look like everyone else in their niche, because they think that gives them credibility.


But it only ends up camouflaging your practice.


The value that you offer is not only WHAT you have to offer, but how YOU specifically, deliver it.


By now, you must know that building an attractive online presence that is unique and authentic to YOU, is an amazing and inspired way to attract high-paying, highly motivated, consistent clients into your practice...


So why haven't you built your brand, yet?


If you are...

➡️Allergic to money conversations... 
➡️Struggle to honor your fee... 
➡️Suffer with "tech” overwhelm... 
➡️Can’t find consistent clients...


Building a soulful, authentic, and cohesive brand that stands out in your field, while showcasing you as approachable and knowledgeable in your area of expertise, is a powerful way to attract ideal clients and build your credibility.


If you are a therapist, coach and/or healer and you are interested in attracting more clients, increasing your cash flow, and expanding your influence online, check out these 7 questions to help you to determine which of the 4 phases of The Abundant Journey you may be in, and your next steps.


Take the quiz:


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Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner

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