4 Different Monetary Vibes: Debt, Savings, Expenses and Investments

August 29, 2018

Dearest Abundance-Magnet,





Today, I wanted to share with you a comment that popped up in the feed of my private Facebook group:


“I want to feel like I have enough that I can pay my bills, not live paycheck to paycheck, have enough to put into savings, have enough for quarterly taxes, and still have some to give back to other sources.”


First, it is important to address, there are 4 different monetary vibrations going on here...


1. That of being debt free: To get your vibe right around debt, it’s important to realize you are worth every penny spent. So often, when it comes to our debts, we sometimes beat ourselves up thinking: “I don’t know if this was really worth it...I regret spending that money...I’ll be paying my student loans forever...I am so horrible with money, I’ve wracked up this much debt...this hole is so deep I will never be able to dig myself out…” etc. etc. And this only keeps you spinning around in a place of low self-worth and regret. Ignoring this is not gonna help you either. That’s only going to keep fear and denial active in your vibration. Being brave enough to look at the numbers and to start to cultivate a plan, will actually make you start to feel more confident in it, if you can keep your focus on the solutions and a sense of well-being around knowing that you were moving towards a debt-free existence.


2. That of being able to save: Allowing yourself to have money in the bank can be a lot harder than you think. Often, we have a lot of shame tied up in the idea of having a surplus. Living paycheck to paycheck is surviving…”taking” only what we need. If we were to take more than what we need, somehow that might be perceived as selfishly hoarding money, and taking it away from someone else who is in more dire straits than you. Having a good vibe around saving money, requires relinquishing any underlying feelings around immorality or “badness” around having a surplus of money. It also requires that you assume your own space in essence, if you’ve been taught never to take more than you need. This is where you got to battle that conditioning and kind of scarcity attitude, and  say to yourself “No, I’m going to go after and acquire as much as I want because I live in an abundant universe and the more satisfied I am the better I can serve others,inspiring them to pursue and fulfill their desires as well.”



3. That of being able to afford your expenses: Knowing you are more than enough, and your funds will replenish themselves, requires a sense of faith and trust in the Universe, and your ability to tap into your internal resources, knowing that even if your circumstances change beyond your control, you will be able to follow inspired action steps to adapt in the ways that will most benefit your situation. The best way to feel confident about being able to afford your expenses, is to make wise investments. And to listen to your intuition when you feel that little voice in the back of your head encouraging you in a particular direction, even if it may feel illogical in the moment. It also goes back to a willingness to look at the numbers. Not to become Obsessed with them, but also not to be afraid of them. The more clarity you have around your numbers, the better you can interpret the guidance you receive around them.



4. That of being able to invest or contribute: Allowing your wealth to express itself in forms other than money. This is stepping out of fear and allowing your money to move and take on new forms. This may be an expression of legacy and contribution, such as offering charitable donations or funding human service projects. It could also take on the form of longer-term investments, like buying real estate, or taking risks in the stock market. Basically you have to understand that money is a manifestation of value, it is energy in paper form. And if you can manifest your money in a variety of forms, you will also have more consistent income. This is similar to what they mean when they say that most  millionaires have at least seven revenue streams.


To hone in on your vibration in each of these areas, it's important to realize that money is just a physical manifestation of energy and value.


Money is a renewable resource.


It ebbs and it flows.


It likes to move.


Money is like manure, you let it pile up in one place and it starts to stink, but you spread that s*** around and suddenly things start to grow!


When we are cheap about spending money, or feel weird about receiving it, we put ourselves in a scarcity attitude instead of in a vibration of abundance.


Money likes to have meaning, and it likes to have a place to go.


This speaks to being aware of your why.


Why do you want money?


Typically it's to experience some form of freedom.


We think the money will buy our ticket to freedom.


Or it will buy the thing that will carry us to Freedom.


A new car.


A new job.


A new house.


A new dress.


A new yacht.


Traveling around the world.


We think we need those things first before we can experience that feeling of freedom.


But if you wish to speed up the physical manifestation of the things you desire, the key is to focus on the feeling of freedom, in the present moment.


Before the material things have entered your world.


Because that's how you will call them in faster: by putting yourself into a vibrational Harmony with your desire.


Focusing on the feeling of not having enough money is only going to introduce resistance and thus slow down the manifestation process.


So what do you do when you can’t help but focus on the lack of something?


It’s best to find a way to shift your feeling state just enough so that you are able to find some relief from the fears of ‘not having,’ which are fueled by your limiting beliefs.


This includes replacing unhelpful beliefs with more positive ones, but they must ring TRUE for you. That is, they must put you in the abundant vibration in a way that doesn’t cause sadness, resistance or “contrast” in your manifesting intention.


One way to create a contrast-free desire statement-- is to use certain qualifying words. And you’ll notice I used a lot of them in this example.


Here are some more general examples...


  • I love knowing its possible for me to be successful online, doing what makes me feel purposeful.

  • I love how it feels when I make a bank deposit.

  • I am excited by the thought of traveling to new and distant places.

  • I love the idea of having a full and diversified practice.

  • I love imagining myself making wise decisions with my investments.


All of these phrases allow you to speak and attend to your desires in a positive and non-contradictory way. There is nothing that I have stated that is UNTRUE or that could be contradicted by your current reality.


Using the word “ideal,” is important because it allows you to talk about it NOW, and assign REAL feelings to it.


Saying, “I love how it feels when…”  stays away from a static state of being and allows your feelings to cross the treacherous “not having” attitude, because you are talking about moments when you HAVE had, and that is true, in your experience.


Now, you give it a try!


List 5 good-feeling statements you can make about money that are TRUE for you, but do not offer any contradictory vibration or resistance.


And let us see them in the comments below!


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In love and abundance,








Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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