[2 of 4] the Life and Death of a Good Idea

September 11, 2018

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Welcome back to the second part of our four-part video series, in which we are laying the groundwork for creating a kickass online course to start scaling your practice FAST.


Now, maybe you have reached the point where you know scaling your practice online is not only feasible, but a really amazing way to get your message out to a TON of people, and start scaling your skill sets beyond the one-to-one business model.


If you have reached that point, you probably fall into one of two categories:


1. You don’t really don’t know where to begin...


2. Or you have a ton of ideas and motivation, but it always tends to fizzle out...


In our last video, we talked about when you don’t really know where to begin.


And we completed an assignment that would help you start to see the big picture in a way that allowed you to concretize your own personal definition of success.


We did this by writing out a day-in-the-life of your most successful self, and really FEELING into that vision.


Today, I want to talk about when you have a ton of ideas, but it tends to fizzle out, and three things you can do, when that happens.


In our third video, we will explore how to create a course that sells.


And in our fourth video, I will tell you a bit more about how to deliver your course through sales funnels.


So let’s dive in...


How is it, that you can have a TON of ideas and a great jump start of motivation, but then it always tends to fizzle out?


Has this ever happened to you?


An idea sparked in your mind. Light-bulb moment. Tingles all over your body thinking of the impact it’s going to have.


You do some basic research, create a plan, set goals and dates…you’re basically right on track to turn it into a living reality…and then it all dies out.


The burst of flame.


The motivation.


The dream.


All those rough outlines, plans and deadlines start to haunt you.


Even when you force yourself to work, you can’t do it.


The TV and the couch starts to look ever more inviting.


You find yourself coming up with new excuses every time you even think about it.


Suddenly, you’ve lost your interest in that “passion” project and it has become a forced task...you get a headache everytime you sit down to work on it.


So you just leave it…unfinished…


What the hell is that anyway?


It's your subconscious, limiting beliefs slamming on the breaks and protecting you from a fear of failure.


It disguises itself as “perfectionism,” “procrastination,” “a lack of focus,” and “overwhelm.”


Or it tells you that you couldn’t possibly do that because you’re too exhausted at the end of the day, and could never give up the security of your day job.


At the root of that, is fear.


What makes your day job so indispensable, but your dreams are expendable?


Overwhelm and anxiety about a fear of failure is what happens when your conscious self (aka “monkey mind”) is not up to speed with where the larger part of you is already headed.


Fear tells you you are not capable of making your dreams a reality, so you are thus dependent on your day job...or whatever else you wish you could do without.


In this way, fear functions like quicksand,...which, if you didn’t know, is super hard to get out of and only sucks you in deeper the harder you try.


So what do you do if you are struggling to hone in on the specifics without turning into a fearful, puritanical perfectionist that saps you dry of inspiration?


Here are 3 things you can do...

1. Take action on what you do know.


Focus on the parts that feel right. If you know you like to draw, but you don’t know what to do with that, just start drawing. Opportunities will show up. Someone might see you sketching at the park and offer you a commission. Then their friend sees it and hires you to do their wedding invites. Suddenly you are freelancing.


If you love animals but didn’t go to school to become a veterinarian, volunteer at a local animal shelter. You might just meet someone with a business opportunity at a groomers. Or assist someone that helps people overcome trauma with horse therapy.


And this gives you ideas as your soul begins to resonate with these experiences and calls in more like it. And you will know it’s resonating because you will feel good and excited about it.


Taking even small action on an idea gets it off that hamster wheel in your head and generating energy and momentum in the physical world. It also sends a clear message to the Universe that you mean business.

2. Clean up your language and stop focusing on a lack of focus.


Language shapes our reality in a variety of ways. Every word you use (and every letter in a word) carries a vibrational signature.


And the words you use to express and further define your focus (even if it’s focusing on a lack of focus) carve synaptic pathways in your brain that become habitual and super hard to change.


These patterns become predictive of our behaviors and the way we respond to stimuli.


In other words, we write our own self fulfilling prophecies.

So become increasingly aware of the predictive power of every word that leaves your lips, and stop writing shitty prophecies.


“I’m stuck” becomes “I’m in process.”


“I can’t do this” becomes “I am finding the help I need.”


“I’ll never get there” becomes “I’m just waiting for the world to catch up with me.”


3. Stop pretending you don’t know, when you actually do, but you’re just scared.


“I don’t know...” is so often a smokescreen for “I can’t  because...” (fill in the blank with a litany of limiting beliefs.)


Most of the time you DO know, but either you aren’t listening or you won’t LET yourself.


Try replacing “I don’t know…” with...


“I will find the answer…”

“I can learn…”

“Tell me how…”

“I trust the next steps will appear…”


And watch the world shift around you to start bringing you all the knowledge you need.


Stop disempowering yourself with “I don’t know”, especially if you DO.


And START  treating your hearts desire as more important than your fear.


You belong to a species that has accomplished space travel.


And smartphones.


You can do this!




Answer the following questions in the comments below… (pssst: “I don’t know” is not an acceptable answer!)


  1. List three things that you like to do, that you are good at, and feel confident talking about among friends.

  2. Decide which of these things lights you up the MOST and you would want to pursue more seriously through online course creation.

  3. List three ways in which your course might benefit someone.


If you are a therapist, coach and/or healer and you are interested in attracting more clients, increasing your cash flow, and expanding your influence online, check out these 7 questions to help you to determine which of the 4 phases of The Abundant Journey you may be in, and your next steps.


Take the quiz: http://bit.ly/TheAbundantJourney


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Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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