[4 of 4] 2 Ways to Scale Your Practice Without Salesy Gimmicks

September 21, 2018

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Welcome back to the last video of our four-part video series, in which we are laying the groundwork for creating a kickass online course to start scaling your practice FAST.


But before we dive into today’s topic,  let’s look at the journey so far…


1.First we expanded your vision of success by writing out a day-in-the-life of your most successful self, and really FEELING into that vision. 


2. Second, we talked about when you have a ton of ideas, but it tends to fizzle out, and three things you can do, when that happens, including .


3. In our third video, we we explored 4 must haves in a successful, sellable course, including. 


(If you missed any of these, you can still catch them on my blog here: https://www.theabundanthealer.net/blog)


Today were going to talk about two ways to scale your practice successfully, without having to rely on salesy gimmicks, And that is through...

  1. live online group coaching programs

  2. automated passive income funnels.


In the online world, these are understood to be two types of  “sales funnels,” and they are how to bridge the gap between a building a badass course, and actually getting people to ENGAGE with it, and with YOU.


These funnels are ESSENTIAL, because putting in the work to create something beautiful, and actually sparking engagement (let alone getting people to spend money with you), are two seperate things.


Building a Badass course is going to build trust and fidelity with your soul clients.


It also builds credibility while also sending an authentic message.




Sometimes it can feel like designing the most perfect billboard... in the middle of nowhere.


How are you going to get people to LOOK UP at it?


Let alone be willing to open their wallets and handover their money.


Now I want you to remember, you don’t have to convince people that what you have to offer is valuable.


You don’t even have to convince people that what you have, they need.


More often than not, we really have to convince people to value what they already need; and more than that, to prioritize it.


And if you don’t believe me just think about how often you deprioritize your own needs for what you think is more important, outside of yourself.


Or more important to somebody else’s satisfaction and happiness.


And we do this when it comes to our careers and to our practices, yes, but we also do this in our private lives, don’t we?


And whatever motivates you privately is ultimately what is going to ring through in your authentic marketing message, which is the essence of your mission statement.


Why you do what you do.


Now, research tells us that most people have to have at least 15 to 18 contacts with you before they have develop the know, like, and trust factor, for you.


So how do you get that contact with them? How do you get that contact with lots of them?


The answer is: through these two types of sales funnels.


It doesn’t matter what your end product is. Whether it’s you want to meet with this person and one to one sessions, whether it is you want to host a retreat or workshop, the ultimate goal is you want to engage with them in someway so that they can start to feel comfortable with and trust you.


And not because you’re trying to manipulate them into doing something that they wouldn’t do otherwise.


When you market yourself From an authentic place, which means that you are offering someone something that stems from your own personal mission,your simply being yourself; you’re just doing it with an amplifier strapped to your back and a microphone in your hand.


The first part is believing that you had something of value worth saying.


The second part is believing that you yourself are of value and that anyone else would gain something of value simply by knowing you and participating in your online community and sales funnels.


If you’d like to learn more about the two different types of sales funnels work, and what makes them different, watch the rest of this video on my blog!


And be sure to complete today's assignment and post your responses below.




  1. Identify what appeals to you more, creating an online course that will lead people to working with you through in person sessions, workshops, and retreats? Or would you prefer  to create content that would lead to passive income funnels that spread your message without the necessity of 1 to 1 contact?

  2. Let us know how you’ve enjoyed this video series and what ideas you have come up with! What do you think your next step would be?


If you are a therapist, coach and/or healer and you are interested in attracting more clients, increasing your cash flow, and expanding your influence online, check out these 7 questions to help you to determine which of the 4 phases of The Abundant Journey you may be in, and your next steps.


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