[2 of 5] 4 Angles to Decode Your Soulful Brand Story-- Your “Why”

February 12, 2019

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Welcome back to our 5 part video series, 5 Steps to Master Soulful Brand Messaging!


Today, we are going to tackle 4 Angles to Decode Your Soulful Brand Story-Your “Why.”


And as a reminder, if you missed last weeks video about 8 Questions to Assess Soulful Brand Messaging, you can still check it out on my blog, here: https://bit.ly/2WLHii3


As a reminder, over the course of this 5 part series we will be covering...


*8 questions to assess your brand messaging

*4 Angles to help write your own heartfelt “about me” story, and identify your “why”

*Three steps to identifying your heart-felt brand mission values and beliefs

*How to cultivate your “hook” and help you stand out in your niche

*How to craft a client avatar that speaks to your soul client’s specific pain and pleasure points


And you will walk away with…


*A brand new “about me” story for your website that clearly spells out your “Why”

*A clear and focused mission statement and elevator pitch for your brand and services

*A powerful hook and “truth bomb” that positions you in your market

*A soulful sales script that has your ideal clients reaching for their wallets and fist pumping the air with a resounding “yes!”


This is all in promotion of open enrollment for my signature course, The Abundant Healer: 90 Days to Scale Your Practice online. But I will tell you a little more about that later. For now, let’s dive into today’s topic…


4 Angles to Decode Your Soulful Brand Story- Your “Why”


Clients don’t come to work with you because they think you understand them, they come to work with you because they feel understood.


And understanding comes from empathy, and empathy comes from experience, and your experience will inevitably impact the work that you do and the meaning you derive from it.


All of this is what stems from and makes up YOUR STORY.


And so, the more in touch you can be with your feelings, which arise from the answers to your “why” questions, the more evocative your marketing copy will be, and YOUR VOICE—the tone of your story and the way you express yourself—will sing loud and clear to those you want to reach, and send away those you don’t.


These two components are super important and foundational. Sometimes, we have a tendency to try to fit in with everyone else in our niche, because we think that gives us some kind of credibility (I have been totally guilty of this myself).


We are still, on some level, seeking permission to hang up our store sign. We kind of look around the digital neighborhood to figure out if we are doing it “the right way” or the way it “should” be done, cuz that’s how everyone else is doing it.


And when we do that, the way we talk about ourselves and why we do what we do, becomes watered down and kind of beige, as does your branding. In essence, you camouflage yourself.


The more authentic and true your voice is to your story, the more authentic and stand out your brand will be to your soul clients.


So, today, we’re going to have you explore your “why” questions.


  • Why do you do what you do?

  • Why do you want to serve who you want to serve?

  • What is your personal relationship to the work that you do?

  • Was there ever a turning point in your life where you made the decision that this was what you wanted to do?

  • How did that motivate you?


As you answer these questions, your story will start to unfold. And your story is foundational to everything and anything that you do in your practice, including your branding.


The WAY you tell your story is also important. The way you talk about yourself. The tone of voice. The images that you use.


The more authentic and true your voice is to your story, the more authentic and stand out your brand will be to your soul clients.


Next, often the missing link in any marketing plan for your business, is the story angle you adopt.


How interesting are you?


Why would someone tune in to watch a TV special about your story?


You might be thinking, "I'm not that interesting."


But there is something special about you. Something unique that no one else has.


Additionally, the secret is in your delivery. There are ways to share your backstory that make it compelling, true, and shoot straight to people's hearts.


In his book, Dotcom Secrets, Russell Brunson offers several story angles that can help you structure your "about me" marketing copy and story. I will share four of them here, today, because I feel these are the most relevant to the needs of a therapist or healer.


Loss and Redemption. "I had everything. I was on top of the world. I was great. Then ______ happened. I had to figure my way out of ____. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I went through ______, and I learned and/or received a _______. Now I ______."


Loss and redemption stories are powerful because they show the upside of going through hardship or meeting challenges. The trick is revealing just enough to make a connection with your ideal client, without revealing so much that you feel overly exposed and/or it is perceived as inappropriate or triggering. My “about me” story on my website is a leader character with a loss and redemption story.


Before and After. "First, I was _____. Then, I tried _____. Now, I'm ______.” These are stories of transformation and they are pretty simple and easy to write. For example, "I was lonely and hooked on online dating sites. I realized I needed to address blockages in my root chakra and explore my style of attachment. I discovered how creative, psycho-spiritual approaches in therapy could help ground me in my body and feel more secure in romantic relationships. And now, I am in a healthy, long-term partnership. I am so happy and fulfilled, I just had to bring it into my therapeutic/healing work and share it with my clients."


Amazing Discovery. "Oh my gosh, you guys… Wait till you hear about this amazing new thing I discovered! You're not gonna believe it. I wasn't sure it would work, but it's awesome. You have to try it! " The stories are particularly useful for selling webinars or short term workshops in which you want your audience to believe that the answer they have been searching for is finally available. This is particularly useful for anyone who has a specialty, or certain kind of training that is unique and marketable. So, if you have a lot of experience with Emotional Freedom Technique, or EMDR, or Soul Journeying, or Soul Collage, or the Mari Assessment, or Somatic Experiencing, or Music Therapy, or Shamanism and Soul Journeying, or Doll Making, or Zumba… you have an amazing discovery to share.


Third Person Testimonial: Sharing other people’s successes with your approach and or programs provides powerful social proof. Get as many third person testimonials from your clients, and/or students as you can, and sprinkle them throughout your stories. Or use them as standalone stories and case studies. But don’t allow these to replace YOUR core “about me” story. Your potential clients need and want to feel like you understand them, not only to know that you have the right training and certifications.


So comment below and let me know, which of these story angles sounds like a good fit for your brand and practice?


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And remember to stay tuned, because our next video and post will address...


[3 of 5] How to Identify Your Brand Mission, Values and Beliefs


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