[3 of 5] How to Identify Your Brand Mission, Values and Beliefs

February 19, 2019

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Welcome back to our 5 part video series, 5 Steps to Master Soulful Brand Messaging!


Today, we are going to tackle How to Identify Your Brand Mission, Values and Beliefs.




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As a reminder, over the course of this 5 part series, you will walk away with…

  • A brand new “about me” story for your website that clearly spells out your “Why”

  • A clear and focused mission statement and elevator pitch for your brand and services

  • A powerful hook and “truth bomb” that positions you in your market

  • A soulful sales script that has your ideal clients reaching for their wallets and fist pumping the air with a resounding “yes!”

This is all in promotion of open enrollment for my signature course, The Abundant Healer: 90 Days to Scale Your Practice online. But I will tell you a little more about that later. For now, let’s dive into today’s topic…


How to Identify Your Brand Mission, Values and Beliefs

In addition to drafting the foundations of your story (your “why”), you also need to have a clear brand mission, sometimes called your “brand promise.”


Why do you do what you do?


What change are you hoping to affect in the world?


What are your values?


Answering these questions first is essential to taking a heart-centered approach to your marketing copy and course content creation.


From your mission moment (the crux of your “about me” story) will spring up the values you hold dear, and those that you want to express with your practice.


What are your values and the values you want to express with your practice? (For example, some of my values  are commitment, community, creativity, decisiveness, knowledge, power, prosperity, spirituality, transparency, uniqueness, vision, sovereignty, abundance, transformation, exploration, and alignment.)


Once you have identified a few of your values, jot down a few personal experiences or stories that illustrate your brand values.


For example, one of my brand values is that money responds to how you feel more than it does to what you do.


So, one time, I had a rough month financially, in which my Facebook ads were failing. In my business, I use the pendulum as a tool to channel my energy and higher knowing. So, I asked the pendulum, “what guidance would you offer me at this time?”


The pendulum spelled out, “Clean out the cabinets.”


Although I felt it was bizarre advice, I figured I would do it, and decided to watch “The Greatest Showman” as I did so.


The storyline parallelled my desire for pursuing  a wild and crazy dream as an entrepreneur, even though it seemed hard and impossible at times. But the character is ultimately successful, and has to learn how to let the successes he has had, in, to feel worthy.


At the end of the movie, I was feeling emotional as I finally started to clean out  the last corner of my cabinet. In a box, I found a plaque that had been gifted to me, when I left a job I’d had ten years ago, as a director of creative arts therapies at a women’s health center.


The plaque said many kind things about me on it.


I started crying, because I really let those words sink in, in a way I had not allowed, a decade before. It felt like a pat on the back and a “keep going” from the Universe. Then I checked my sales revenue again, and in the two hours I had been cleaning out the cabinets, I had 3 new course sales!


At the basis of every action step, is an emotional vibration working for or against you depending on what you are accepting, or  not accepting, in any given moment.


The Abundant Healer program teaches you how to build the physical apparatuses to channel your flow, yes, but it also teaches you how to tend to your emotional health and vibration, because that is what will keep you in synch and harmoniously flowing downstream, rather than fighting the current.


Allowance begins with appreciation for all you have accomplished, and letting those things in. And that is when your abundances truly show up.


What are you having trouble accepting right now? How might allowing for acceptance change your experience, and perspective?


Once you have jotted down a few values, now you can start to understand your beliefs about your work.


For example, I value community and spirituality.


Therefore, In the context of business coaching for therapists, coaches  and healers…


I believe if therapists, coaches and healers could scale their practices online, they could financially elevate (and thus prioritize and empower) the healing professions in society. This would lead to increased access to care, and people being able to heal themselves from the inside out, on a much larger scale, shifting the global social consciousness.


I also value creativity and alignment.


Therefore, In the context of business coaching for therapists, coaches  and healers…


I believe that every therapist, coach and healer has a soul purpose that pertains to service in some way. And when they are in alignment with that soul purpose, they are in a creative and self-satisfied place. Through that satisfaction, they are able to expand in their reach and their desire without burning out, but instead inspiring and fueling the good works they were put on this earth to do.


Okay. I think you get the picture.


So comment below, and let me know, what do you believe?


How do your values tie into the course you want to create?


For feedback, you can join my private Facebook group, and tag me @BrianaMacWilliam.


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And remember to stay tuned, because our next video and post will address...


[4 of 5] How to Identify Your Hook and Unique Message, in Your Niche


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You’ll be so glad you did!



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