[4 of 5] How to Identify Your Hook and Unique Message, in Your Niche

February 26, 2019

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Welcome back to our 5 part video series, 5 Steps to Master Soulful Brand Messaging!


Today, we are going to tackle How to Identify Your Hook and Unique Message, in Your Niche.


If you missed our previous videos, you can still check it out on my blog, here:


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As a reminder, over the course of this 5 part series, you will walk away with…

*A brand new “about me” story for your website that clearly spells out your “Why”

*A clear and focused mission statement and elevator pitch for your brand and services

*A powerful hook and “truth bomb” that positions you in your market

*A soulful sales script that has your ideal clients reaching for their wallets and fist pumping the air with a resounding “yes!”


This is all in promotion of open enrollment for my signature course, The Abundant Healer: 90 Days to Scale Your Practice online. But I will tell you a little more about that later. For now, let’s dive into today’s topic…


How to Identify Your Hook and Unique Message, in Your Niche


Your “hook” is  what will grab potential clients by the eyeballs and suck them into your unique brand mission and messaging. The hook is really made up of two parts.


First, it is the quality of the service you provide, the kind of service you provide, and/or how you provide it….and this should really be ONE focused thing.


Most therapists, coaches and healers think wracking up a million certifications will make them appear more qualified and thus appealing to a wider audience. But the truth is, too many certifications and specializations communicates confusion and a lack of focus; you want to be seen as an expert in the one biggest pain point your ideal clients are struggling with, not a jack-of-all-trades.


Think of it this way, when you have an injury or severe illness, if you had a choice, would you go to a general practitioner, or a specialist in that area of expertise? I rest my case.


This doesn’t mean you have to throw out all those hard earned certificates or the money you spent on them. All of that experience has culminated into the fantastic practitioner you have become, and can even be introduced later in the work...just don’t let it clutter up  your marketing copy, and dissuade someone from opting into your mailing list.


But if you are relying on those to be your hook alone, its like going fishing with no bait. The second part of the hook is your unique brand messaging, and that is what comprises the “bait.”


As a general rule, you have 15 seconds to capture a potential client’s attention, when they visit your website, or another aspect of your digital platform. In the realms of human services, websites typically have a 30-50% bounce rate. Which means you can expect 50-70% of people who land on your website to navigate away, without engaging with you or your services. And that is assuming you have a well designed platform.


People navigate away for several reasons…

-The quality of the page is low and not user friendly; nothing inviting to engage with.

-It wasn’t what they were expecting.

-There is no clear call to action.

-The page fails to impress or inspire.

-The visitor suspects you are not genuine.

-Your audience doesn’t match the purpose of the page.

-Visitors have found the information that they were looking for.


For today, we are going to focus on the messaging elements of the sales copy that might impact why someone would navigate away.


Regarding the design aspects, we tackle this in my program The Abundant Healer: 90 Days to Scale Your Practice Online, and I also discuss this in detail in my online course, Branding With Soul, which you can check out on my website.


In order for your hook to have sturdy legs it needs to lean on your unique brand message, and when it comes to sales copy, your brand messaging needs to accomplish 5 things:


1. Grab Attention: It must make a bold claim or promise, evoke an emotional response, or stir up curiosity. Here are some examples of using attention grabbing copy for blog posts:


-3 Ways You Repel Money, Without Even Realizing It 

-Which of These 3 Mistakes are Sinking Your Practice?


2. Screens and Qualifies Your Readers: This is where you ask questions and use words and phrases that allow site visitors to self select.


3. Draws Readers into the Body Copy: This is where you give them just enough to let them know how much they DON’T know, and that they need your services to find out more.


4. Communicates Your Mission. Your copy should express the feeling you want to evoke in your site visitors, and also communicate your mission in a way that is meaningful to them.


5. Establishes Your Credibility. I don’t think everyone has to be an expert; you can be an explorer on a journey that other people decide is worth taking with you. But the more you speak about what you know, in a way that genuine, thoughtful, and well researched, the more credible you will come across.


Your hook will tick off all five of these boxes, if it includes another 5 important elements that make up your unique brand messaging:

  1. Qualifier

  2. Elevator Pitch

  3. Misconceptions

  4. Truth Bomb

  5. Method


So, let’s dive into these in more detail.


1. The Qualifier

The qualifying question (or it could be a statement) is what allows your soul clients to self select. It will highlight their struggles in a nutshell, and ask them to consider their desires.


For example, here is a title and the qualifying question..


Hungry Love: From Ambivalence to Ascended Love, in 6 Months


Are you looking for a soul-shaking, passionate partnership, but find yourself trapped in roller-coaster relationships with unhealthy partners that you hate to love?


This follows the formula…


Are you looking for _________(desired benefit/outcome), but find yourself struggling with _______ (obstacle/pain point)?


You can also add in an avoidance of a particularly strong pain point.


Are you a ________(client demographic) who struggles with __________(pain point), and wants to ________ (benefit/gain), all without __________(pain point)?


These are examples from participants of my program, The Abundant Healer: 90 Days to Scale Your Practice Online.


Are you a coach struggling with a floundering practice, that wants to make authentic connections with clients, expand your influence, and become a leader in your field, all without having to sell your soul, or adopt “salesy” gimmicks?


Are you someone struggling with the death of a loved one, and desire to make meaning of the loss, let go of the grief, and recover your vitality again, all without having to rehash the past a million times over, in talk therapy?


Are you a female artist that is struggling with finding a sense of meaning and purpose, and desire to move past your creative blocks and step into your power again, all without having to spend a ton of time and money on therapists and life coaches?


Are you a woman with a history of trauma that is struggling with depression, anxiety and/or low self-worth, who wants to sustain her personal boundaries, turn her creativity into her passion, and step fully into her power as a natural born goddess, all without having to subject her self to the oppressive, toxic systems of male-dominated institutions?


2. The Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is an extension of the audience qualifier and gives a smidgen more detail about what you do, and how it will benefit your soul clients. In the elevator pitch, you might also include struggles, and methods of solving them. Here is an example for The Abundant Healer…


I teach therapists, coaches and healers how to create, launch and scale an online practice in 90 days, even if you have never made a dollar online, created a single lesson, and/or have no marketing list... all without having to waste a ton of time, money and effort on "experts" and gurus.


This should be at the very top of your homepage on your website, on your sales pages, and you should have it memorized so you can rattle it off the cuff, at any and all conferences and networking events.


3. Misconceptions

If people knew what their problems were and how to fix them, they wouldn’t be looking for you, or someone like you. We struggle to fix our own problems because we often have a misconception about what our problem actually is, or why it is that nothing we have tried so far, has worked. If you can show a potential client their most glaring misconception, and convince them of how and why it is hindering their progress, ..you will quickly go from in-debt to in-demand.


4. Truth Bomb

Don’t underestimate the power of the “ah ha” moment, and make sure your client’s have it while perusing your online platform. Once you’ve identified your client avatar’s most glaring misconceptions, you want to paint a very clear picture of how what you have to offer is going to make all the difference. If your service is off-beat or not widely understood, this is where you start dropping “truth bombs” in your marketing copy, to help educate while at the same time inspiring your ideal clients to see things your way. Not because you are trying to persuade or force someone to buy something from you, but because on a heart-soul level you know what you are offering works, and you’d be doing them a disservice to undersell yourself and the experience they could have, if they decide to work with you.


5. Method

How are you going to help your clients accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish? Or feel whatever it is they would rather be feeling? That is your method. And I recommend you break it down into VERY basic steps. Like, no more than 7 (but 3 is better).


A lot of therapists, coaches and healers struggle to make things measureable. “I can’t break down what I do into steps, it’s too organic and experiential of a process.”


I’m sorry, but that is BS.


You only know how to do what you do because someone else taught you how...step-by-step. So breakdown what you do, and turn each step into a mini short-term goal. Then add them up to create bigger, long-term goals. Once you accomplish this, you have a bonafide method. And your clients will start to feel like they are getting somewhere, and can see their own progress.


For example, in my online courses --both self-directed, and live group coaching programs--I use a three step method in combination with psycho-spiritual approaches in creative arts therapies, to help clients struggling with insecure attachment go from feeling fearful and confused, to standing self-sovereign in their relationships, including 1) Consciousness Raising, 2)Body Activation, and 3) Experiential Processing.


So, there you have it. All the elements required to create a hook that  will will grab potential clients by the eyeballs and suck them into your unique brand mission and messaging!


For today, I invite you to take a crack at creating your own qualifying question and elevator pitch.


Make sure you post them in the comments below!


For feedback, you can join my private Facebook group, and tag me @BrianaMacWilliam.


Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheAbundantHealer/


And remember to stay tuned, because our next video and post will address...


[5 of 5] Cultivating A Client Avatar, to Call in Soul Clients in Only


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You’ll be so glad you did!


In love and abundance, 








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Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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