[5 of 5] Create A Client Avatar, to Call in Soul Clients

March 5, 2019

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Welcome back to our 5 part video series, 5 Steps to Master Soulful Brand Messaging!


Today, we are going to learn how to, Create A Client Avatar, to Call in Soul Clients.


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As a reminder, over the course of this 5 part series, you will walk away with…


*A brand new “about me” story for your website that clearly spells out your “Why”

*A clear and focused mission statement and elevator pitch for your brand and services

*A powerful hook and “truth bomb” that positions you in your market

*A soulful sales script that has your ideal clients reaching for their wallets and fist pumping the air with a resounding “yes!”


This is all in promotion of open enrollment for my signature course, The Abundant Healer: 90 Days to Scale Your Practice online. But I will tell you a little more about that later. For now, let’s dive into today’s topic…


Create A Client Avatar, to Call in Soul Clients


Social proof is one of the biggest selling points out there. But what's more important than having a million testimonials to prove your content is good, is being able to tell ONE story, that everyone can relate to. In fact, researchers have found that donors are more likely to donate to charitable organizations, when they have seen a presentation of only one case study, as opposed to three.


The purpose of the client avatar, is to help you hone in on your soul client’s archetypal story. That ONE narrative that will appeal to the heart of your niche. It also forces you to get crystal clear on who it is you want to serve MOST...or at least, FIRST.


For example, “I want to help women struggling with depression and anxiety” is NOT a client avatar, and far to vague. Women struggling with “adulting” ages 18-30, have VERY different problems than women struggling with empty nest syndrome, an extra marital affair, or a career plateau, at 45-50 years of age.


To explain the power of avatars, I am going to share one of my more popular avatars with you, and his name is Joe. Side note, this is the long version of Joe’s story. I may share shorter versions of this in other places, depending on what I am using his story to promote. But to begin, you want to make sure you really flesh it out.


Joe is an approachable 35 year-old single man, and a deeply compassionate person. He’s the kinda guy that makes friends in every room, and ends up being the designated therapist and mediator among them. He always has a warm shoulder and a willing ear to offer someone in need.


Joe longs to meet a partner to share things with, because it’s just not as fun doing things alone, and everything just tastes a little bit sweeter when you do it with someone you love.


In love and relationships, sometimes Joe gets into trouble, because this desire for connectedness compels him to fall pretty hard pretty quickly, for partners that give him only a bit of attention.And because he is so compassionate and observant, he tends to anticipate his partners needs, and as a result, he may end up trying a little bit too hard. He doesn’t think of it as giving in order to get, but he does expect a partner to contribute as much as he does to the relationship.


He really loves the honeymoon phase of a relationship, because there seems to be a seamless way of falling into each other with little to no verbal communication. It’s that euphoria of  “just getting” each other. He really wants it to be like that all the time, but typically, after the first few months, his girlfriends start to feel overwhelmed and like things have moved too fast; he has too many expectations of them.


Joe starts to feel confused, frustrated, sad and a little lonely at this point. He thought things were going so well, and now its as if the rug has been pulled out from underneath him. He feels a little bit disillusioned and as if he has been misled.

But, of course,  he is all in and he’s willing to make it work.


So, he starts bending over backwards to try to suit what he thinks his partner wants, but that involves suppressing his own needs and desires to try to keep the relationship going. Inevitably, an underlying resentment starts to brew like a pressure cooker.


Finally, Joe reaches a threshold, and some straw breaks the camel’s back. Maybe his partner canceled on him again, or he starts a fight over something trivial like toothpaste, suggesting his partner doesn’t respect him because she won’t roll up the tube like he asked her to. But truly he’s expressing the fear that she doesn’t care about him, and so the toothpaste is  a metaphor for the widening emotional gap between them.


Eventually, Joe  feels driven to a boiling point,  and he gives her an ultimatum. She can either change her ways and get with the program, or he has to walk. He can’t take it anymore!


His girlfriend says that she sees he is unhappy, and perhaps a break is a good idea.


Almost immediately, Joe regrets what he’s said. That wasn’t the response he was looking for. He was just looking for her to meet him halfway. He was looking for her to start crying and confess how much she loves him, and that she’s willing to do anything. He was looking for her to prioritize him in the way he prioritizes her.


But his girlfriend says she is doing just that! He’s clearly unhappy, and so she is prioritizing his feelings by giving him the space to figure them out. And maybe she needs the space too, because she hasn’t been so happy either, feeling as if she is walking on eggshells around him.


Now, Joe feels like he was “too intense.”


He feels like his demands were probably too high for his partner, and he was most likely too hard on her. He wants to contact her immediately and apologize, and rectify the situation in anyway possible, but his pride won’t let him act in that moment.


So, he goes home to his place.


Maybe he texts her at 2am that Saturday, after he’s had a few. Maybe he tries to have “casual” sex with her, to re-establish the connection, even though the status of their relationship is still blurry.


Unfortunately, the more available he makes himself and backs down from his original ultimatum, the more convinced his partner seems to think that breaking up is the right thing to do.


Now, Joe really feels like he’s lost control of the situation. He was much more comfortable with the arrangement when he was the one slamming the door, but now his girlfriend has locked it, and it's as if his options have been taken away.


Days and nights are spent preoccupied with this woman. What is she doing? What is she thinking? What is she feeling? Is she stalking his Facebook like he’s stalking hers? How does she really feel?  Will she come back? What could he do to fix the situation and make her come back?


If she texts him to say, “hello,” his fantasies will spin off into a grand romantic reunion, until she declines to meet him in person and says she only wanted to check in on him.


Now, he will analyze that communication to death. Is She just breadcrumbing him?


Is she really still in love with him, but fighting a deep, inner conflict against her own true feelings? Does she need a grand gesture from him? All she needs to do is ask! One little sign, and he would go running back to her in an instant.


And so, Joe’s inner monologue sounds something like this...


“I told her I would be there for her no matter what. If she needed some time to herself, she can have it. I just wanted her to know I would be a secure base for her, and always be there. I know she’s been through alot, and she is so hard on herself. She thinks she doesn’t deserve me. But if I could prove to her that I love her unconditionally, then she’ll eventually realize that she’ll never find someone who loves her as much as I do, and she’ll come around. There’s just so much potential here, in this relationship. If I walk away, I know I will regret it. I know she’s the one.”


Does any of this sound like you?


If so, you are in the right place.


So let’s breakdown Joe’s avatar, so you can start to build your own.


First, I tell you Joe’s basic demographics, which are also his qualifying characteristics: He’s a likable single, 35 year old guy with a big heart that tries a little too hard in relationships.


Then I tell you about his deepest, heartfelt desire: to find love.


After that, I tell you about Joe’s struggles, and how he sabotages his chances: he tries too hard and falls too quickly.


Because Joe doesn’t know how to properly contextualize and handle this problem, he only ends up making it worse: he suppresses his needs until resentment starts to fester, and then he blows up at his girlfriend.


Then I share with you Joe’s most problematic thoughts and damaging beliefs about his options: “This is the only person in the world for me, and I have to sacrifice myself--which I mislabel as unconditional love--in order to get her back.” Joe thinks he can control other people by martyring himself. But truly, this reveals Joe’s emotional inaccessibility; by remaining hung up on someone that doesn’t look too closely at him, he doesn’t risk being rejected by someone that truly does.  


The only way to get past that kind of fear, is to know your worth no matter what happens in relationships. And the only way to do that, is to face your fear. So, how do you do that?


Here is where you plug the pitch for your hook and method.


Introduce yourself and explain to your audience why you’re a credible authority on this subject. This could include Identifying their biggest problem, or misconception about their problem, that they are not currently able to see.


For example...


Hi My name is Briana MacWilliam, and until I learned about the power of attachment styles...which are basically 4 distinct styles of loving...my situation was a lot like Joe’s.


As a divorced single mom, I have a history of rocky relationships with unfaithful partners that I felt I needed to rescue with what I thought was unconditional love.  

But really, I was perpetually giving my power away... because I was terrified of stepping into it, myself. Now, I have a healthy love life, the job of my dreams,

and even improved relationships with my friends and family.  


Since learning about attachment styles, I've also put my talents as an educator and licensed creative arts therapist to work, creating online courses in self-help and personal development for lovers like you, who want to feel satisfied and at ease in romantic relationships.


That’s why I’ve created the online course, Anxious Attachment 101: 5 Days to take the Open Heart from Clingy to Confident! This course is for Open Hearted individuals that struggle with anxiety in push-pull relationships, who are ready to start calling in a soul-shaking partnership, in only 5 days, without having to spend a ton of money on experts and gurus, or spend years in therapy, with no tangible result.


So, what I did here, is I Identified my ideal client’s biggest problem, or misconception about their problem, that they are not currently able to see: giving their power away as a demonstration of unconditional love.


Then I tell them what I’ve discovered in the process of getting to where I am now: the power of attachment styles.


Then I introduce the name of my program, and my elevator pitch. You could also include a description of the program itself, with several juicy bullets that address their biggest pain points. And then a call to action to check it out, or purchase the course.


For today, I invite you to take a crack at creating your own client avatar.


Make sure you post it in the comments below!


For feedback, you can join my private Facebook group, and tag me @BrianaMacWilliam.


Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheAbundantHealer/


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You’ll be so glad you did!


In love and abundance, 









Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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