[Inspiration] Money as a Renewable Resource + Doubt-free Affirmations to Call It In

March 11, 2019

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When people struggle with money, it's usually in one of 4 areas...


⏩Getting out of debt

⏩Not knowing how to save

⏩Not knowing how to meet your expenses

⏩Not knowing how to invest, or when and where to contribute


To hone in on your vibration in each of these areas, it's important to realize that money is just a physical manifestation of energy and value.


Money is a renewable resource.


It ebbs and it flows.


It likes to move.


It likes to have meaning.


And a place to go.


Money is like manure, you let it pile up in one place and it starts to stink, but you spread that sh*t around, and suddenly things start to grow!


When we are cheap about spending money, or feel weird about receiving it, we put ourselves in a scarcity attitude instead of in a vibration of abundance.


Focusing on the feeling of not having enough money is only going to introduce resistance and thus slow down the manifestation process.


Today, I am going to share with you some tips and tricks on creating what I call “contrast-free” statements to start shifting your “vibe” around money, and your ability to make it.


I am also going to share a FREE training opportunity for you to learn more about how to build a profitable online platform, so you can start soulfully calling in high-paying, consistent clients that you LOVE to work with! Make sure to scroll down to learn more!


But first, here is a hint on how to create contrast-free desire statements and affirmations: use certain qualifying words.


Here are some general examples...


⭐ I love knowing its possible for me to be successful online, doing what makes me feel purposeful.

⭐ I love how it feels when I make a bank deposit.

⭐I am excited by the thought of traveling to new and distant places.

⭐I love the idea of having a full and diversified practice.

⭐I love imagining myself making wise decisions with my investments.


All of these phrases allow you to speak and attend to your desires in a positive and non-contradictory way.


There is nothing that I have stated that is UNTRUE or that could be contradicted by your current reality.


Using the word “ideal,” is important because it allows you to talk about it NOW, and assign REAL feelings to it.


And that’s the real fuel for your manifesting mojo.


Saying, “I love how it feels when…” stays away from a static state of being and allows your feelings to cross the treacherous “not having” attitude, because you are talking about moments when you HAVE had, and that is true, in your experience.


To learn more about this, checkout the video, here...




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Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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