2 Types of Limiting Beliefs and How to Challenge Them

March 13, 2019

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Over and over again, when people join my Private Facebook group for therapists, coaches and healers looking to scale their practices online, they express a desire to…

  • “Market myself in a way that makes me stand out from other similar businesses.”

  • ”Market without feeling salesy, and believe I can get high paying clients.”

  • “Break through a lot of self doubt and internal blocks that prevent me from realizing my self worth as a healer, despite the fact that I have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share.”

  • “Connect easefully with the right clients.”


What is striking to me, is that even though we are often looking for an external method, product, or service to “fix” these types of problems for us...it almost ALWAYS comes down to what you believe about yourself, and what you are capable of doing.


Today, I am going to share with you the two types of limiting beliefs that will always trip you up, and how to challenge them.


I am also going to share a FREE training opportunity for you to learn more about how to build a profitable online platform, so you can start soulfully calling in high-paying, consistent clients that you LOVE to work with!


But let me backup for a second, and lay some groundwork for you.


In my program, The Abundant Healer : 90 Days to Scale Your Practice Online, I approach these issues from the perspective of Spiritual Wealth, which is founded in the 3 Universal Laws…


➜The law of Attraction: Like Attracts Like

➜The Law of Co-Creation: If you can get control of what you CAN control, i.e. your emotional vibration, you can start manifesting things in the world of physical form.

➜The Law of Allowance: Realizing that it will show up, but not necessarily in the way you anticipated.


In some circles, these are referred to as the three principles, and described slightly differently:


➜There is energy and intelligence behind all life; and has no inherent morality, control, or apparent point of view; the principle of mind.

➜The capacity to be aware and experience life is innate in human beings; the principle of consciousness.

➜We create our individual experience of reality via the vehicle of thought --and a belief is just a thought you keep thinking; the principle of thought.


Here are four rules I use to sum up what this basically means with respect to business, but also with how you live your life in general:


#1. How you FEEL is more important than what you DO.


#2. If it doesn't feel good, don't obsess on finding "fix-it" solutions, just lean into it, receive the wisdom, and then focus on what does feel good.


#3. Once you do what feels good, your next steps flow with ease because they are inspired (not necessarily rational!).


​#4. Inspired action attracts the abundances you seek (like clients and cash flow), because you are acting on behalf of your soul purpose.


It is important to understand, that in an attraction-based universe, there's no such thing as exclusion.


Your attention on any subject includes in it, your vibration. And if you hold your attention or awareness long enough, the law of attraction will bring into your experience that which you pay attention to.


There is no such thing as "no."


So, when you look at something and you say, "no" your attention actually says, "yes, come to me, this thing that I don't want."


Whether it's positive or negative attention, it is still attention.


So, be careful what you pay attention to!


Additionally, by staying focused on the subject of your choosing, your point of attraction on that topic will become much more powerful than if your mind moves from subject to subject; so there is tremendous power in focusing and in repetition.


Now, all this sounds lovely, doesn't it?


But if it were really just that easy, then you probably would've ALREADY manifested your dreams!




Now, the power of manifestation really begins with the seventh chakra which is the crown chakra. It is the point of origin where the manifesting current of energy enters into the body. When an idea pops into your head, your energy in the crown pays attention to it.


As it moves down through the body, gaining density, it turns into an INTENTION in your third eye, that space in the center of your brow, and becomes subject to the beliefs you harbor around that intention. If you have blocks in your third eye, its hard to envision a positive future, and you get stuck in the realms of illusion; I.e. clinging to a negative, illusory belief about yourself, your capabilities, and what is possible for you.


For now I'd like you to consider that in order to use the law of attraction to your greatest advantage, we need  to clear your limiting beliefs.


And there are two kinds of limiting beliefs: there are indoctrinated or socialized beliefs, and there are self-created beliefs.



Indoctrinated beliefs are handed down to you from your parents. "Oh, look at Sarah. She's so cute, what a good girl." Here that narrative enough times and you take it in for yourself, it becomes so ingrained in you, that when someone asks you who you are, you say "I'm Sarah, I'm cute, and I'm a good girl."


But of course the underlying definitions of these words will be fleshed out by whatever your PARENTS defined as "cute" and "good." But what if your soul doesn't agree with those definitions?


Well, over time you might start to feel anxious, depressed, and if you are on the right track, have an identity crisis.


And GOOD FOR YOU, you overachiever!


Believe it or not, in that state of crisis, you are RIGHT on TRACK!



Now, self-created beliefs are harder to break because we've come to these conclusions on our own.


For example, when a child is traumatized here she needs to figure out what happened and prevent it from happening again. The conclusion that the child comes up with can get deeply rooted. So, the child might come to believe "if I stay quiet and he didn't, I won't be beaten or hurt or yelled at."


Additionally children come up with  explanations and beliefs to explain what is happening to them. At that age children do not yet have the sophistication required to see that their parents are flawed, because that would be experienced as a threat to their survival. So mentally and emotionally they turn it in on themselves. Here are some harmful beliefs that may come out of a negative situation like that.


-Nobody likes me.

-I don't belong.

-If they really knew who I was, they wouldn't like me.

-I'm all alone.

-It's better to be pretty and smart.

-If I do something wrong, I'll be rejected.

-If I look and act like them, I'll be accepted.


Beliefs act like colored lenses in front of your eyes. They filter out certain realities and let others in. And they are always self reinforcing. This is what makes it difficult for human beings to understand each other, "How could you even say that? Don't you see this evidence?" "No, the evidence you're offering is just fake news. It was created by people with an agenda."


If you've ever tried changing people who hold strong fixed believes you know that it's almost impossible and your argument tends to harden their position!


Today, I'd like you to look at and challenge some of your beliefs in important aspects of your life.


So write this down:


1. When it comes to my relationship to money, I believe...

2. When it comes to my relationship to love, I believe...

3. When it comes to my relationship to the future, I believe...


Now, for each negative belief, ask yourself, “Is this absolutely true?” And offer each one a counter-argument. Then find evidence in your real LIVED experience, as proof positive that these negative beliefs are not absolutes.


If you are willing to share your beliefs in the comments below, we can do an exercise RIGHT here in the thread about how to turn those beliefs around!.


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You’ll be so glad you did!


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Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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