[3 of 4] How to be Bad at Rules (So You Can Make Conscious Choices)

April 10, 2019

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Are you bad at rules?


The interesting thing about people who are bad at rules, also seem to have a pretty strong inner judge and critic.


They don’t need rules to punish them for their misdeeds, they accomplish that well enough all on their own.


Bucking the rules outside of us is sometimes the safest way we can rail against the rules inside of us.


The rules that were handed down, sometimes, from generation upon generation…


About who you can and can’t  be…


What you can and can’t do…


What you can and can’t hope  to expect out of life…


What you can and can’t believe in…


The badness inside, that you have to hide from the world….


Inside, most of us have rules a plenty that keep us stuck in a state of stasis and stagnancy.


Repeating the same mistakes and self-sabotaging and punishing cycles, over and over again.


But baby, if you’re a rule breaker, like me, you gotta break the rules inside you, too.


Set yourself free.


And then the world won’t feel so limited.


In fact, you’ll see nothing but endless possibility. So, I ask you to consider...


⭐What rules do you impose on yourself that keep you caged in within your practice?⭐


Let me know in the comments below!


Here are a few damaging choices we make, often without even realizing we are doing it, when we let fearful unexamined beliefs posing as unbreakable “rules”, get the better of us…


>>We choose to feel weird about making money our focus

>>We choose to believe that everything has to be perfect before starting

>>We choose to hesitate when it comes to getting rid of distractions

>>We choose to complain about how little time and/or encouragement we have

>>We choose to harp on every detail of the plan before allowing ourselves to move forward

>>We choose to listen to the advice of old friends who have cement in their shoes (i.e. slow you down)


When you make conscious choices, that is when you stop following rules.


And start stepping into your role as the only true authority in your life, and in your practice as a therapist coach and healer.

And once you do that, the clients, cashflow, influence, flexibility and opportunities will start showing up for you.


So think about one, small, conscious choice you can make today, that will shift your energy and break the rules a little.


And if you are ready to explore more practices like this while inviting more abundances in to your life, I have the perfect FREE training for you, as we enter in to the last month of enrollment for The Abundant Healer: 90 Days to Scale Your Practice Online.


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You’ll be so glad you did!



In love and abundance,




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