3 Steps to Making Meaningful Money

June 11, 2019

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Being the spiritual, artsy fartsy, bad-ass online entrepreneur that I am, I tend to follow a lot of other money-makers in the information Market.


One common thing that comes up a lot is this idea that your money has to have somewhere to go. The money that you want to make has to have significant meaning for you, outside of paying off your debt or alleviating whatever fears or insecurities you may have.


If you do not identify the deeper meaning of your abundances, then you will always be attracting situations in which you have to work hard for your money, and or that perpetuate a feeling of lack and insecurity.


I like to think of it as making meaningful money. (Note: meaningful to YOU, not necessarily someone else.)


I suggest three steps to making meaningful money. These steps are founded in the Law of Attraction.


I also recommend that you concretize these steps in some way, because activating your creativity and your body is essential to the process of conjuring the feeling states that will call in the outcomes you want.


Step 1: Identify the “what.”


The first step is identifying the what. What do you think will satisfy your needs? Typically, this is a concrete item. It could be a certain amount of money. It could be a new job. It could be a better boss. It could be house on the lake. It could be a longer vacation. It could be a timeshare in Florida. But I want you to think in terms of the material. What external things do you want? I'd like you to be very specific.


Step 2:  Identify the “why.”


Secondly, you want to think about why you may want these things. Inevitably, it will be to conjure some specific emotional reaction within you.


Maybe you think a certain amount of money will give you a sense of relief once you pay off your debt. Maybe you feel like a new house on the lake will allow you to relax more often. Maybe making more money will allow you to feel more free, when you travel. What I would like you to do, is to connect the concrete desire with the underlying goal, which is not  the having of the thing, but rather the feeling that the thing stimulates within you.


Step 3: Focus on the “why” instead of the “what.”


If you can find a way to focus on how you want to feel, rather than what you think you need in order to feel that way, you actually create a shortcut between you and your desired outcome.  If you can hold a higher vibration, as you specify your desires, they will come to you at a more rapid rate.


But how can we do that? How can you conjure the feeling of something, when it appears to depend on an external object?


I believe we can accomplish this through body activation and visualization. The body houses your emotions. Ultimately, all of your goals, including monetary ones, are to impact your emotional state and some fashion.


Now, the only reason you can tell me what “happy” means, is because you remember the feeling of being happy. The only reason you can tell me what's “sad” is, is because you remember the feeling of being sad.


And the only reason you might tell me that it is impossible to feel happy when you don't have a certain thing that you want, is because you presently understand what it is to fear not having that thing.


By that rationale, fear is most likely the most present and prevalent feeling you experience at any given time. And that is always going to work against you.


Rather than allow yourself to remain preoccupied with fear, or a scarcity attitude, I invite you to become a conscious creator of happy and satisfied feelings.  Using your brightest memories and images as anchors, can help with this. And the best way to make anchoring images come alive, is through the body.


That might mean creating a vision board. It might mean creating scribble drawings and finding pictures in them, like you would in the clouds. It might mean dancing around the room to your favorite song. It might mean going through old albums and remembering all the fun you had in college. It might mean watching a bunch of comedies or romantic films.


But what you want to do, is hold those experiences and memories lightly in your mind, almost as if you are holding an eggshell; gently enough so they might offer you support in this endeavour, but not so tightly that you crush the essence of the thing. You want to recreate the feeling, but NOT the specifics (that will actually backfire on you).


You might think of it as looking at something you want, allowing that feeling to sink in, and then blurring your vision so that all you can see is the fuzzy outline, but the feeling is still there.


Allow that feeling to be generalized. Allow that feeling to grow and expand like a ball of energy. Allow it to encompass you. Once you manage to accomplish THIS (and it may take some practice), only THEN can you add some specifics if WHAT you want. Because once you are capable of conjuring the pure feeling (excluding the specifics of a memory) then you are better able to visualize your desire, without becoming preoccupied with any “contrast” or pain points that may cluster around that desire.


You might even set a timer for this, but I suggest sitting with that feeling for 10 to 15 minutes a day. If it feels right, hold an intention around it, one that involves Financial abundance. But again, hold it lightly, like that eggshell. Don’t get wrapped up in the “hows” or the “whats,” at first,  but sit comfortably in the “whys.”


Over time, you will find your mindset will start to shift, and you will become much more receptive to  your own intuition, and inner guidance. Once those messages come through, you will find your actions become increasingly inspired, as opposed to automatically motivated by fear, and THEN the meaningful money starts to show up.


That is, so long as you are not implementing one of the three ways in which we repel money without even realizing it. 


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Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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