Meditation, Art Making and Branding, Oh My! 3 Steps to Making Inspired Decisions in Business

June 25, 2019

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Yesterday, we addressed a group member Question: “I am interested in trying to figure out what my strengths are and believing the value they offer; how to use that going forward; how to hone in on what is unique to me?”


To my mind, it's two things:

  1. Pay attention to what brings you pleasure.

  2. Honor and follow it.

But  how do we start getting in touch with what we like? What if we don’t know what we like?


To bring it down to a more basic level. In the world of art therapy, teasing out what is yours and what is someone else’s can be addressed very simply through the choices that you make.


Do you like red or blue crayons? A straight or squiggled line?Abstraction or realism? Do you like to plan your image out ahead of time or do you like to just spontaneously go out the canvas?


Each of these decisions as a metaphor for how you approach every aspect of your life, business included. It’s also a reflection of what you uniquely bring to the table. And if you can practice it quite literally in the realms of creative activities, it will translate to the concrete world of business.


In essence, we get the right side of your brain communicating with the left side of your brain, and before you know it, you start to have inspired ideas in areas that previously stumped you.


Today let’s do a little exercise, and it  basically involves 3 steps.


1. We are going to pose a question or intention, leaving it open and broad enough to receive guidance.


So, something like, “what guidance would you offer me with respect to my practice?”


Then are going to warm up with a two handed squiggle drawing, crossing in front of the midline of the body, to promote bilateral stimulation of the brain.


2. Then we will bring that image into the body and meditate on it.


3. Then we will write our reflections with our non-dominant hand.


(Watch the video for a demo.)


This is a great way to access parts of yourself that you do not normally have access to, and tends to circumvent the limiting beliefs and defenses of the ego.


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Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner

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